18 kinds of ancient snacks with less than 200 calories

the old diet is based on the belief that the wild animal and plant diet in the Paleolithic age (about 10000 years ago) is the most healthy diet for human beings. Although the plan remains controversial, many fitness enthusiasts, including ginger callem, a qualified cross trainer and owner of the gym in Georgetown, Texas, have mentioned its benefits. " "What I want to say is that the three benefits of eating antiques are increased energy, no stomach discomfort and flatulence at all, and a significant reduction in joint inflammation and pain," she said. When you need snacks for antiques, what do you want? Here's a list of ancient snacks with less than 200 calories each to help you keep your weight under control while adhering to the ancient dietary guidelines.

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1. Pancakes

you have given up grain, but you can still enjoy pancakes. " "Most snacks are made from grains or sugars," wrote Agla é e Jacob, a registered Canadian dietitian and ancient food advocate. Fruit is a choice, but if you try to limit carbs, you can't. Jacob said, fried muffins. Just mix your favorite omelet ingredients, such as eggs, vegetables and minced lean meats, and distribute the batter evenly in a non stick muffin jar. After baking, you will have a batch of protein rich, grain free muffins to eat for a few days. A standard size omelet muffin contains less than 90 calories.

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2. Given their calorie density, nuts and seeds seem to be bad for the diet, but they provide a lot of fiber, protein and healthy fat, making them more satisfying than processed foods. In a 2009 study published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition, researchers analyzed nut intake for 8 years in 51188 women between the ages of 20 and 45. Women who ate two or more nuts a week actually had a slightly lower risk of weight gain or obesity than women who ate fewer nuts. A quarter cup of a mixed drink with fruit, nuts and seeds provides about 175 calories. Make sure that no sugar is added to the ingredients, whether you make your own or buy a prepared trial mix.

correlation: Research on female nut consumption, long-term weight change and obesity risk. Meat and avocado lettuce packs

half of avocados provide 5g full fiber and other essential nutrients, including B vitamins, potassium, unsaturated fat and vitamin E. calem recommends that avocado slices and cooked meat (gluten free) be wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves as a nutritious ancient friendly snack. " "It reminds me of sunshine and a happy summer," she said. A package of half an avocado, two slices of cooked meat and a few large slices of Roman leaves provides about 170 calories. To add flavor and nutrition, add other vegetables, such as diced tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers.

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4. If you want to eat ice cream, or the top fresh fruits, such as berries, melon and mango, you can add coconut milk. The fat in coconuts increases satiety and helps you absorb fat soluble nutrients, including vitamin A in mango and vitamin E in blueberry. A cup of mixed berries and a quarter cup of raw coconut milk provide about 195 calories. Coconut milk is a good alternative to saturated milk sources of ancient food, such as whole milk and heavy cream.

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5. Eggs with vegetables

calem describes "fast eggs with vegetables" as the fastest way to make ancient Mini meals. "I'll fry one or two eggs first, then mix some lettuce," she said. When it's hot on these vegetables, it really brings a wonderful taste, "you can mix the eggs with any vegetables you have and make your own performance. Cut tomatoes and red peppers into one piece, add lycopene and vitamin C, increase satiety, and add fiber rich vegetables, such as cooked cabbage, broccoli and carrots. Herbs and spices, such as garlic, basil, sea salt and black pepper, can add rich flavor without contributing calories. Two eggs and half a cup of fresh vegetables contain 150 calories and 12.5 grams of protein.

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6. Dried seaweed and watching movies are usually parallel, but most traditional snacks, such as buttered popcorn, cornflakes, potato chips or Doritos, are not in accordance with ancient human habits. Guwang suggests munching on dried seaweed, which is much more nutritious and low in calories than chips and buttered popcorn, and rich in protein. Each cup can provide more than 8 grams of nutrition, which is a valuable source of potassium. Buy the prepared dried seaweed, pay attention to the ingredients, or make it by yourself, season and bake the fresh seaweed crispy. A richer snack is dried seaweed with beehive vegetables and vegetable sticks.

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7. Banana slices

bananas can help you meet your sweets while maintaining an ancient diet guide. Pat hanawan, a crossfit personal trainer in Pittsburgh, Pa., suggests making your own banana slices by coating them with lemon juice and baking them on a baking pan until they are crisp and often flipped. As a valuable source of potassium and carbohydrates, banana slices provide a useful way to recover the energy used by electrolytes and glycogen muscles after exercise. You can also make banana slices in a food dehydrator or buy prepared varieties. Home made chips tend to be healthier and lighter because many commercial varieties are fried. Chips made from medium-sized 7-inch bananas contain 105 calories. Are bananas going to die out? (the answer may surprise you)

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8. Meatballs four meatballs, about 15 grams, containing 180 grams of protein. Meatballs are a huge source of protein that can easily increase energy. They are also easy to make and store. Prepared frozen meatballs offer a convenient choice, but pay attention to fillings such as gluten and crumbs. When you make your own meatballs, chooseChoose the thinnest pieces of meat, such as ground turkey or extra lean ground beef, to keep your calorie and fat intake moderate. In addition, try adding different herbs and spices, such as black pepper, oregano, parsley or basil. For an ancient dip, heat diced tomatoes, pure tomato sauce, garlic and italian seasoning on the stove.

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9. Vegetable stick and avocado sauce

this is a dip sauce full of vitality and delicious taste, which is nutritious and colorful. Avocado sauce is usually made by adding lime juice, diced tomatoes and salt to the crushed avocado, which is very simple and suitable for the old life style. " "Don't worry about the fat content of avocados," said Stacy Mitchell, a registered dietitian and food blogger. It's healthy fat! " This fat reduces inflammation and helps your body better absorb the antioxidant lycopene, which is common in tomatoes. To increase fiber and protein, Mitchell recommends adding beans to your avocado sauce. A glass of fresh vegetable sticks, such as cut carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers, with a quarter cup of standard guacamole, contains about 130 calories. Baked sweet potato chips are listed as one of the most diet friendly foods by American news and world report. Sweet potato is rich in fiber, each kind of potato can provide 4 grams, rich in vitamin A. Hannawan suggested roasted sweet potato chips as an ideal snack. Unlike traditional chips, baked chips are relatively low in fat and calories. Just cut the sweet potatoes into circles or sticks, spread a little olive oil on them, and sprinkle them with your favorite spices. Half of the baked sweet potato chips made with 2 teaspoons of oil contain about 140 calories.


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11. Cooked eggs, nuts and vegetables provide 113 essential vitamins and minerals. Egg yolk is one of the few natural sources of vitamin D, which is rich in protein. Eggs also contain large amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, and antioxidants are associated with reduced risk of heart disease and senile blindness. One of kalem's favorite ancient snacks includes a boiled egg, a handful of raw almonds or other nuts and fresh vegetables. An egg with 10 raw almonds and a pack of carrots contains about 160 calories. Is it safe to eat yolk every day?

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is a convenient way to get energy and nutrition during the journey. " These may be high in sugar, so don't overdo them, but they can give athletes and other types of active energy a great boost, "hannawan suggests. A 2.5-ounce blend of dried fruit provides about 175 calories and 5.5 grams of fiber. Half a cup of dried figs provides 185 calories. Choose dry fruit without sugar. If you have a food dehydrator, try to make your own dry fruit mixture. Because it doesn't go bad like fresh produce, you can put dried fruit in sealed containers in cars, wallets and offices - which reduces your chances of catching pastries and fast food (Greek don't know! When hunger comes.

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13. "Ants on the log" may remind people of primary school, but it is an interesting and nutritious snack for people of all ages. Try cashew nuts, almond butter, raisins or currants instead of celery. Two celery stalks plus a tablespoon of nut butter and a quarter cup of dried gooseberry or raisin can provide about 195 calories. For a lighter, equally delicious alternative, replace nut butter with hummus. About 25 calories per tablespoon, and hummus contains about a quarter of the calories. Sunflower seed paste is similar in calories to nut paste, but provides a useful alternative for nut allergy patients.

correlation: 10 unexpected low calorie peanut butter snacks. According to hannawan and F, frozen fruits are children's favorite fruits that are healthier than frozen desserts with sugar. Just wrap the peeled bananas in plastic and put them in the refrigerator overnight. A medium-sized frozen banana has 105 calories. For the more decadent option, add two teaspoons of nut butter and a layer of natural cocoa butter to the banana before packaging and freezing. A banana with nut butter and cocoa contains about 185 calories. Frozen red and green grapes and peach slices can also be used as delicious snacks. A glass of frozen grapes or two small peaches contains about 105 calories.

correlation: 'yonanas', and 14 other simple and delicious frozen foods. Salmon Salad with cucumber is rich in protein and vitamin D, which not only makes you full, but also benefits your bones. Salmon salad is widely used and easy to make. Common ingredients include drained, water packed salmon, mayonnaise and chopped celery. Try mayonnaise without dairy products and add delicious ingredients such as lemon juice, dill and seasoning. To keep the calories moderate, spread enough mayonnaise over the fish and celery without milk, then gradually add seasoning to suit your taste. For portable snacks, cut the cucumbers from the middle, scoop out the seeds with a spoon, and then put a salad on each side, or use the cucumber slices as free cereal cookies. Three ounce tuna salad with vegetables and cucumbers contains about 180 calories.

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16. The American Heart Association says the goal of ancient smoothies is to eat four to five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Doing so avoids heart disease and obesity, while keeping your immune system healthy and strong. Ancient ice sand provides a convenient way to get these benefits. Use water or coconut milk as the base, then add fresh or frozen fruit. Rich in fiber and antioxidants, add fresh or cooked carrots, mango chunks and dark green leafy vegetables. To get more protein, add nuts, seeds or pasteurized proteins. For bromelain, an enzyme that helps reduce inflammation, add fresh pineapple. Use 1 cups.Smoothies made from low-fat coconut milk, half a cup of fresh or frozen berries and half a cup of fresh mango provide about 180 calories.

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17. Broccoli "popcorn"

is considered to be an ancient diet classic. Broccoli popcorn is not corn at all - a good thing, because corn is not allowed to eat in ancient times. By baking and seasoning broccoli, you can get crispy and flavored cinema popcorn without too much fat and calories. A whole head of cooked broccoli contains only 145 calories. To keep the calories moderate, sprinkle a small drop of olive oil over the broccoli before baking. Use healthy ingredients such as garlic, italian seasoning and a little sea salt to season florets.

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18. Ham roll asparagus is a kind of ham with delicious taste and sliced slices, which can make the simplest dishes look delicious. Asparagus provides few calories, but valuable nutrients, including fiber, potassium and B vitamins. Four asparagus stalks wrapped in four slices of ham and sprayed with olive oil can provide 150 calories and 13 grams of protein. Just prepare the rolls and bake on a baking tray until the edges of the ham are crisp. Prepare a large amount of food to share or enjoy for a few days, and place the leftovers on a plastic tray in the refrigerator.

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