10 common food traps (and how to avoid them)

navigating your weight loss or healthy eating goals is challenging enough, but when food traps appear on the way, if you don't realize these potential traps, your diet may be derailed. Plan your day by preparing meals and food choices ahead of time, and being aware of these potential eating detours can help you stick to them. It's not always easy to eat healthy, but when you know how to make the right choices - even in places where it seems impossible - you will be able to walk away with satisfaction and your healthy diet will still be on track. Read on to learn about the 10 most common food traps and how to avoid them.


1. Salad bar

you may have the best plan when choosing salad bar, but what you add to vegetables will reduce or reduce your calorie reserve. A plate full of vegetables is definitely a good choice, but there are many unhealthy additives that can ruin a good thing. To increase crispness, avoid breadcrumbs and sesame sticks, which have little nutritional value, but are sprinkled on sunflower kernels or almonds for protein and healthy fat. If you want something sweet, choose grapes or fresh berries instead of raisins or cranberries, which can add a lot of calories and sugar. Finally, avoid fat free or even low-fat condiments - they usually contain sugar and other unnecessary additives. Instead, put slices of avocado on the salad or drizzle with a little olive oil. Healthy fat can actually help your body absorb some vitamins from vegetables.

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2. We've all been there: it's 2 p.m., you need a little time to pick me up for the afternoon. Candy or salty fries may call you by name, but think twice - the rapid impact of simple carbohydrates will soon fade, and you'll have plenty of energy and empty stomach the rest of the time. Instead, roast almonds, sunflower seeds or peanuts. The mixed trail is another good choice. Protein and fiber can help you feel full and keep your blood sugar level stable so you don't fall asleep at work. Another option is to hide healthy snacks in your desk drawer - an apple, snack bar or instant oatmeal bag so you don't rob the vending machine.

read more : Angela Davis of soulcycle shares how to kill it in spinning lessons and in life. Three. All the buffets you can eat can make you cringe when you try to control the portion size in the face of a mile long dish, but don't raise your hand and try these tips to keep the portion size small and choose the right food. First, before you start filling your plate, read through the buffet and the food it serves. In 2008, researchers at Cornell University studied the behavior of more than 300 men and women at 22 different Chinese style buffets in six states and found that those with higher body mass index (BMI) tended to serve immediately rather than investigate the whole buffet first. Second, if you have one, use a salad plate instead of the size of the main course - which helps reduce your intake. In addition, eat more colorful food - the brighter the better. Fresh fruit and raw, steamed or even fried vegetables are nutritious choices. Avoiding protein in sweet or strong sauces, such as Japanese beef or chicken salads, can also help reduce calories, sugar and sodium. If you see something delicious but not a healthy option, try a small portion.

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4. The old advice for cocktail parties is still true: eat something at home before you go to the party, so you won't be tempted to fill up all the delicacies provided by the host. But appetizers aren't the only threat to your diet - sugary cocktails can also significantly reduce your calorie intake throughout the day. To avoid overeating, you can add half a glass of wine with sparkling water and a piece of fruit to add flavor. A Dirty Martini is also chic and low in calories. Or try vodka or gin with sparkling water and a small amount of juice for a low calorie cocktail. As for what to eat, you can choose any protein containing food, such as cheese almond grill or chicken kebab. You need less food to fill your stomach, and you will feel full longer. If you're tempted to snack, look for popcorn (as long as it's not covered with cheese or tons of butter). This is a whole grain. A cup of ordinary popcorn contains about 30 calories.

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5. Cooking

if you choose wisely, barbecue and cooking can be good for your diet. For the main course, choose lean beef patties or even Turkey or veggie burgers. With a whole wheat bread, place lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mustard in the burger, skipping mayonnaise and cheese dressing. On the other hand, fresh fruit salads or raw vegetables dipped in salsa sauce or hummus are fiber rich foods. If there's something rotten to call your name (think Mac and cheese or potato salad), try it after dinner. Those should be taken! In addition, limited but illuminating research has shown that proteins such as high-temperature cooked meat and poultry produce heterocyclic amines (HCAs), which may increase the risk of cancer. In order to reduce contact, you can use lean meat slices, marinate your protein in advance, and often turn your meat. Try to avoid barbecues.

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6. Gas station

road travel, endless jobs, even spending a few days working in the car, may make you trapped in the gas station when you call during snack break. Rows of salty snacks and desserts may be tempting, but gas stations are increasingly good at storing healthier options to fuel your body. Find whole wheat pita chips and a single serving of hummus and nuts. Look for baby carrots and celery bags to soak in the refrigerator. If you can't miss something sweet, granola with dried fruit and whole oats can help offset the higher sugar contentQuantity, or a single serving of peanut butter on a regular Graham cookie as an easy to eat, filling rich dessert. Anyway, walk past soda and choose a large bottle of water or iced tea without sugar.

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7. Fast food breakfast

it seems common sense to avoid fast food restaurants, but busy breakfast may need to drive by. Most places offer their egg versions on English muffins or whole wheat toast. Use a cup of black coffee and a piece of fruit to check all the breakfast Essentials - protein, carbohydrates and fat (and caffeine) - without having a huge impact on your daily calories. Another good choice is a small pancake with eggs, cheese and sauce. If you can't walk without a little sweetness, find a oatmeal with nuts and dried fruits (no brown sugar). Avoid healthy frozen yogurt cakes, which can be sugar bombs.

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8. It's a good way to drink a glass of smoothie after exercise or after meals. You can eat a certain amount of fruits and even vegetables, but they can also hide unhealthy sugar, sometimes more than 70g. So much sugar, even if it comes from fruit, will bring a huge burden to your body. arch-criminal? Usually used in formula based on fruit juice or sometimes with frozen yogurt and ice cream. Some smoothies have a "light" menu with low sugar options - but make sure there are no artificial sweeteners in it. Be sure to pay attention to the nutrition before ordering, and insist on using the smoothie of all fruits and vegetables. Protein smoothies usually contain a lot of healthy fat from nut butter, less sugar than other options. Don't forget the kids' menu - a smaller one can satisfy your craving for smoothie without breaking your calorie limit.

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9. Don't deprive your dessert completely. Try to make fruit into dessert, which can satisfy your dessert without damaging your health. Stir fry is a simple way to make fruit dessert. Start with a hot pot and add a teaspoon of coconut oil or unsalted butter and a teaspoon of honey. Stir in peach slices, mango slices or banana (or a mixture of both) and gently stir until covered. Caramelize the fruit in a saucepan for a few minutes, then add a small piece of raw coconut cream. To make whipped coconut cream, spoon a can of whole coconut milk and the top layer of whipped cream. Some simpler but more delicious fruit desserts: Roasted peaches with honey sweet low-fat Italian whey cheese; fresh berries with mints and a pinch of sugar with fat free Greek yogurt, frozen banana slices dipped in melted chocolate. For guilt free ice cream, stir frozen berries and half frozen bananas in a food processor until smooth.


10. The coffee shop is full of tempting sweet drinks and cakes, which can lead you to a delicious but bad fate road. Many drinks can be calorie and sugar bombs, but they can also be ordered specifically to fit the waistline better. Ask for half or even a third of the normal amount of flavoring syrup and skip any ingredients, such as fresh cream or caramel drizzle. For homemade sweet coffee drinks, order a small latte and add a spoonful of honey and a few cups of cinnamon to the bar. As for the pastry behind the window? The easiest way is to avoid them altogether.

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What do you think? Have you ever fallen into these common food traps? Do you think any traps should be included in this list? What advice do you have to avoid these dietary pitfalls? Share your thoughts and thoughts in the comments below.

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