21 must read health fitness and nutrition books

Look, we get it. Many of the books you find in the "health" category can be a little boring, or even boring. They read more like textbooks than thrillers. But some health books are well worth your time - providing knowledge that can help you build muscle, burn fat, improve your health, or simply question what you "think" you know about health. In order to save you the task of finding these diamonds in rough literature, we read the books on the shelf with our livestrong.com consultant to determine which ones are most useful. Some are classic, some are controversial, and some you may never hear of. But all 21 books offer insights that will help you live a better life. Is the potential cause of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and obesity related to misleading food industry? In sugar country, author Jeff O'Connell, who can only be described as thin and healthy, records his own diagnosis of diabetes and reveals what happens to your body under the toxic burden of a standard American diet. Full of information from researchers and research, in-depth interviews and writing, let you get involved in the whole process. For those who think that "health" can protect them from disease, "sugar country" is a must read book.

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good calories, bad calories

after the book by science writer Gary Taubes was put on the shelves, the argument that eating fat is a good thing became mainstream. Although science began to show the benefits of eating fat a few years ago, Taubes has shown that a diet rich in refined carbohydrates is the real cause of many health problems, and that fat, despite its denigration, is an integral part of your diet. Although many of Taube's claims are still controversial, his eye opening book is a must for anyone who cares about food.

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maximum intensity

don't waste your time in the gym. That's the bottom line of Eric Cressey, who runs one of the most successful gyms in the United States and is one of the top coaches of the best athletes in many sports. Try your best to design a four stage plan that can help anyone become more and more powerful. Spend less time in the gym watching the results.

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what is the biggest problem of going to the gym? You don't exercise properly and follow exercises that are not designed for real (non steroidal) people. Starting strength is the ultimate guide to learning how to train barbells successfully. Focus on easy to understand directions that will help you master basic movements such as squats, head presses, deadlifts, bench presses and other multi muscle exercises. Whether you are a man or a woman, an expert or a novice, this book is an excellent teaching resource of basic knowledge.

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Credits: start the scientific and practical procedures of strength training. This is your book. Based on data collected from more than 1000 Eastern European and world-class athletes (as well as more than 30 case studies), the authors Vladimir zatsiorsky and William Kraemer focused on how to build a training method to improve your performance on any field and build strength and muscle in the process. This book is more conceptual than other books, and takes an educational approach to help you understand why exercise programs are built the way they are now, and why a good program is not just a combination of exercises you like.

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Credits: Science and practice of strength training

New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding is considered to be one of the most famous books on weight training, which comes from people who promoted bodybuilding in various ways in the 1980s and 1990s. Arnold shared his strength training and diet tips to build muscle and peel off fat from your body. The most interesting part is his thinking on sports psychology and his teaching of motivation skills to make it better. Anyone who has a taste of bodybuilding will like this book.

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anatomy of strength training is for its written content. There are few books that can help you understand how every sport works because it's an in-depth anatomy of weight training science. Training geeks will love science, although beginners will appreciate understanding that they should "feel" every exercise.

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4-hour body

how long will it take you to understand how to "cut" the human body? That's what Tim Ferris, the writer, explains in his best-selling book, the 4-hour body. Ferris turned his body into a first person scientific experiment and shared what he found, which caused controversy and heated debate. About how to lose weight, eat desserts without increasing fat, stay in sex longer, sleep less, and have Superman muscles. At least, it's an interesting book to remind us that we are still uncovering the new mysteries of human body.

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food nutrition

livestrong.com consultant's unanimous love, this book comes from the creator's precise nutrition, one of the leaders in body transformation. This cookbook provides more than 300 pages of delicious, healthy recipes and complete nutrition information. The best part? Salivating pictures let you eagerly look forward to every new meal without worry or guilt.

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cure practitioners of Oriental technology through whole food, and whole food therapy has always been a reference guide. This book discusses the natural power of food to alleviate many diseases and injuries, including a 300 (mostly vegetarian) dietDetailed list.

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crazy sexy diet

following the success of her documentary "crazy sexy cancer", Kris Carr, a healthy warrior, shared her secrets from her whole life. It includes a vegetarian diet she uses to clean her body, fight disease and feel energetic. Carl has been promoted as a guide to "get you on the fast track of vigorous health, happiness and great ass", and she delivers her advice to you in an interesting and friendly voice, making you feel happy - even if you can't imagine living on green and raw food alone.

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Yoga for arthritis. Emphasize. Anxiety. Hangover. You have a problem, and Tara stiles, the Yoga coach, has found a cure for you. In her second book, stiles, a consultant at livestrong.com, uses a practical Yoga method that not only teaches you how to improve for progress, but also teaches you how to use various postures and movements to target more than 50 common diseases. From a yoga master to a senior master, stiles' program can help you find the place of yoga in your life. There is a reason that few people like dieting - they are often a little too intense and restrictive. While these extreme methods can help people lose weight in the short term, they are not sustainable and are often the cause of many people struggling with their eating behavior. A flexible diet guide addresses common mistakes in extreme eating and shows how to take a more realistic, stress-free approach to developing a diet plan.

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: advanced nutrition and human metabolism

books and novels, as well as advanced nutrition and human metabolism, which is an essential textbook for anyone who wants to understand human metabolism. This book is full of knowledge and is designed for those pursuing an undergraduate degree in nutrition - so you can buy a biological dictionary and a few pens yourself, because you may need to take some notes. If you want to get a higher education understanding without paying expensive tuition, please pick up this book.

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what to eat

a wonderful concept: in the diet game, ask the doctor without prejudice, and let her provide you with a common supermarket corridor journey. In a world full of market hype, what you eat makes you rarely see what your health needs, and how many lies and misunderstandings surround your favorite food.

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this is the favorite way for Yoni freedhoff, a famous weight-loss doctor. In this book, physicist and award-winning journalist Alex Hutchinson uses scientific methods to prove and refute many commonly held beliefs. From helping you become more efficient to finally answering whether sex will have a negative impact on you the night before the game, this book will spare no effort. " In my opinion, it's a really important book. For anyone who values fitness, it's absolutely a must buy book, for anyone who participates in training others, "freedhoff said.

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Men's health strength training

with one of the best strength coaches in the world, give him a platform to share all the evidence-based methods that can develop strength, and you will have the formula of strength training. Robert dosremedos, former National Security Council power coach of the year, provides a balanced and comprehensive training model that allows you to build workouts around your schedule. It's a balanced approach to training, full of real-world results supported programs, full of sports you don't see in a regular gym.

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Credit: corruption of men's & 039; s health strength training in the food industry, then you will want to pick up this book. The desire for profit provides an internal perspective to see how "big food" is an important cause of many public health problems, but through clever marketing, it has become the answer to the problem itself. Whether you think it's the Anthem of conspiracy theorists or a realistic look at the secrets of one of the world's largest industries, it's an educational and eye opening view that reveals the reasons why the obesity crisis is hard to reverse.

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ignites the fire

many books try to show you, trainees, how to exercise muscles, lose weight, and how to eat better. But if you are a personal trainer, few books can help you succeed. That's why Jon Goodman, the trainer and head coach of the personal trainer development center, spent several years sorting out his knowledge and experience to help modern trainers prepare to thrive in the enterprise. From getting the right education to promoting his brand in the changing social media environment, Goodman shared the secret of how to find the ideal job in the fitness field, establish the customer list, and make money in the fitness game.

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food problem

is organic food really healthier? Can you eat better without breaking the budget? Award winning author and food expert Mark Bittman offers an easy way to focus on where your food comes from and live a healthier life. Along the way, his nutritional guidelines and cooking principles may help narrow waistlines while pleasing the taste buds.

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the new life-long promotion rule is down. The authors Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove address one of the most important issues facing the aging population - how to exercise as you grow older, so you can stay active, avoid pain, and look at it at any ageIt's good to come. Designed for those who may have limitations or doubts, this book reiterates that you will never be too old to learn new skills or exercises.

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